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About Equitable Laws

Attorney Harold W. Dickens, III

Attorney Harold W. Dickens, III, is a locally recognized, legal attorney with a winning record and outstanding legal skills.

Mr. Dickens has been serving the people of the Greater LA area for many years.

His experience of success comes from our legal skills and robustly protecting his clients’ legal affairs.

Equitable Laws is proficient in finding legal solutions in the best interest of the client.

Mr. Dickens has a record of working tirelessly, to solve his client’s legal problems.

Legal Services Offered


Equitable Relief

When you need Injunctions, Rectification, Order of specific Performance, or Rescission, this is the law firm for you.

Expert Representation

Clients are vigorously represented in every legal venue.
Including Arbitration, Breach of Contract, Corps, LLCs, and Partnerships.

Legal Remedies

If you are a victim of fraud, the reparations of your legal damages will be aggressively pursued. Including Asset Protection and Recovery.

Immigration Law

All types of immigration cases have been successfully handled. Citizenship, work visas, marriage visas, and family-based immigration.

Right of justice

All necessary legal actions are taken to ensure the client’s right of justice. Your success is our business.

Legal Solutions

Effective legal solutions will be provided for simple and complex legal problems to clear your path to success.

Specializing in Commercial Law Corporate and Business litigation Insolvency and Fraud

When you are looking for justice look for Equitable Laws.

Let this firm help you solve your legal problems.



3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2910
Los Angeles, CA 90010


(310) 751- 5565
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